The piano player and his asteroid

Giovanni Allevi photo by Gianluca Sarago

With his naughty boy manners he has made people understand that piano is something more than a place to put your photo frames.
In the middles of his international tour (London, Paris, Brussel and then Asia) Giovanni Allevi is in good mood and accepts to talk about Love.

Your new album is called “Love”. Romantic love, religious love, mother-and-son love. But you say that to love yourself is the most difficult think. Why? It’s difficult to accept one’s own defects and imperfections. The last piece, Albatros, is about this kind of love. We are all albatrosses whose destiny is to fly high but we struggle to leave the ground.

Where do you like to perform most? London, no doubt. It’s the place of Shakespeare,  the writer who better has written about love. When I play here I always hope some of his love arrives to my music.

And where would you like to live if you should leave Italy? I think I’ve been Japanese in a previous life. I would go back to my origins.

You run 10km every day, right? That’s your way of relax when you do not play the piano? I run 10 miles, not 10 km! But when I run I compose, I think about my music. There are many similarities between run and music: they both help me keep my mind free and running help me keeping fit, which is something I need as I sit at the piano so many hours a day.

Is it true there is an asteroid named after you? Yes, and I’m proud of it. Nasa named an asteroid Giovanni Allevi 11561. This is an immense love gift. And so happy that I figure my asteroid like a beautiful garden where I would like to invite everyone. It’s only a rock but to me it’s the most beautiful place in the universe.