Cycling means freedom but it doesn’t mean recklessness. If you want to be respected by drivers, then you need to obey the rules too
Wear normal everyday clothes. There is no need to rob a cycling shop to go for a short ride. Just go for essentials. A helmet and a pair of good trainers are enough.
Some people learn how to ride a bike by themselves, some learn from their parents. Make sure your children get free classes from the local council. Maybe you’ll learn something useful too.
Join a cycling club or a guided ride in your area to improve your skills, stamina and enjoyment, and discover new secret paths along the way.


Think like a pedestrian and like a cyclist at the same time. So don’t use the pavement as a cycling path and respect red lights even if there is nobody else around on the street. Cyclists should ride between the traffic and the pavement, even when there’s no cycle lane.
Remember that not everybody is a skilled cyclist. Do not shout when you get angry with someone and don’t forget you are on a street, which can be a dangerous location.
Every cyclist likes going for a ride with friends or companions on a Sunday morning. When you are in a group, stay in line and do not take all the width of the carriageway.