‘Pericles the Black’, a solitary antihero

‘Criminals are not heroes’, says Stefano Mordini, director of ‘Pericles The Black‘, screened at Cinema Made In Italy at Cine Lumière.

Pericles (Riccardo Scamarcio) is a footsoldier who works for a camorra boss and during one of his assignments makes a serious mistake that forces him to escape. Running from his vengeful boss, he meets a woman who lets him into her family life and with whom he starts a relationship. For the first time, Pericles will understand the importance of love and affection.

Director Stefano Mordini, in London to present his film, adapted from the book with the same title by Giuseppe Ferrandino, made some research into the mafia and camorra world before shooting the film. ‘It’s very difficult to penetrate those worlds’, he says. ‘ They are well protected. And based only on money. There is no space for sentiments’.


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