‘Piuma’, parenthood in the wrong time


Dont’ mess with your future. That’s the message of ‘Piuma‘, that will be screened on Sunday 26 February at Genesis Cinema by CinemaItaliaUK, find out they are expecting a child, their first reaction is fear. They are only 18-year-old and they have just finished high school. Do they really have to leave their youth behind and start a family?

Directed by Brit-Italian Roan Johnson, ‘Piuma‘ is a feel-good movie, screened at Venice Film Festival in 2016. Nicknamed the Italian version of ‘Juno’ and set in Rome is the story of Ferro (Luigi Fedele) and Cate (Blu Yoshimi) that are facing the greatest decision of their life.

Around them a group of adults try to give their help, only to find out they are not always more mature than the young couple.

Piuma, Genesis Cinema, Sunday 26 February at 6pm.

Watch the trailer

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