Ranieri’s success is worth 90 million


Claudio Ranieri and the success of Leicester? 90 million. Ennio Morricone and his Oscar? 97 million. The astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti? 63 million. We are not talking about their salary, but the value our best assets, the ‘heroes’ of Made in Italy, bring to Italy.

That’s what a study by the Camera di Commercio di Monza has calculated. Renato Mattioni, director of the Camera di Commercio, explains it very clearly. ‘At the end of the 90s Simon Anholt developed the concept of measuring the global perception of a country across dimensions such as culture, people, tourism, export. He later launched the Anholt Brand Index, fielded four times a year. We did the same, not with the whole country but with its different assets, starting with the one we were more familiar about, Monza’s Grand Prix. And we went on calculating Italy’s and other countries important assets and how their existence or performances can change the country’s value’.
The reputation of a country is calculated using many different aspects: social media, search engines, import and export among them. And someone like Ranieri has brought a lot in term of Italy’s reputation, which is already very high, being its value 2,800 billions, roughly 167% of the GDP’.

‘People buy Italian products, or decide to visit the country, also thanks to the intangible economy. And at the moment our raking has gone up, after Leicest won the Premier League’, he continues.

Mattioni measures also other countries assets: the Tower of London has a value of 70 million, Stonhenge 10 million. Queen Elizabeth? ‘We have not calculated her value yet, but will do’.

Can a country be debranded? ‘Of course, when something negative happens, the brand is devaluated and its price tag goes down’.

But the Italians must come to grips with their cousins, once again. The French have the biggest asset ever: the Tour Eiffel has a value of 434 billions. More than Uffizi, Colosseo, Rialto Bridge and Duomo di Milano put together.



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