Roberto Andò and the impossible freedom

ando viva liberta

Do you see yourself more as film director or writer?

I feel a little schizophrenic sometimes, jumping from one life to the other. Writing is a very solitary job and sometimes it’s nice to change mood. Every story needs a different way to be expressed. In Viva la Libertà (presented in London thanks to CinemaItaliaUK) I have used both, the writing and the filming, and it has been like making a somersault.
Your film is very Pirandello-like.
Pirandello and Eduardo De Filippo have portrayed a very special Sicily, a place that changes according to her needs. Being changeable is Sicily’s speciality. And politic is Pirandello-like, in Italy.
What do you think about all those young people who leave Italy to find a better life somewhere else?
Italians are very schizophrenic too, cynical and disillusioned. They have given up their hopes, Italy does not give them opportunities anymore. We are handing over to our sons a country stacked and parasitical.
What do young need in your opinion?
They need certainty, not words. But not to desplease anyone politicians don’t act.
How do you see Italy in 20 years?
I’m positive after all. We have to look at Falcone, Borsellino and those great, positive figures. They had an incredible creative vitality and we have to start from their example and from a humble disposition if we really want to change things.