‘A Kiss’ to fight homophobia

un Bacio by Ivan Cotroneo

It’s time to premiere again for CinemaItaliaUK with Un bacio (One Kiss) by Ivan Cotroneo, an adaptation from Cotroneo’s novel published in 2010 by Bompiani, that was awarded the Globo d’Oro, inspired by the real story of Larry King, killed after being bullied for many years because of his homosexuality.

It is a story of three teenagers torn by different issues. Lorenzo is gay and adopted. Antonio has lost his brother in an accident. Blu, whose mother struggles to become a writer, is the rebel girl. They all have to face bullyism, homophobia and the usual struggle that teenage brings

CinemaItaliaUK will premiere ‘Un bacio‘ at Genesis Cinema in London on Sunday 6 November 2016. The screening will be followed by a Q&A with the director Ivan Cotroneo.

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