Construction world needs a feminine touch.


Have you ever thought of contracting a female plumber? Or having a lady re-wire your house? Think again. Women can be as good as men when it comes to construction. Or maybe even better.


“It’s still a challenge for a woman to decide to work in a building site. They know they will face a male dominated environment. But we have noticed that a mixed team works far better that an all-male team”


says Claudia Wimpenny, 5th generation of a family of builders. She has decided to open her own building firm, The Lady Builder, which deals with every aspect of the construction, from A to Z. “We have always worked in the construction sector in the north of England and when I decided to open a London branch I had to stand out from the crowd,” she says. She does this by getting to and from jobs in a fleet of pink Land Rovers, driven by nice ladies wearing pink helmets.


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“When you have someone going in and out of your house you need to feel comfortable with this person,”


adds Claudia. “We have notice that a lady is more welcomed and makes people feel at ease. But we are not a women-only company. We welcome men as well”. Just as long as they “behave”.