A garlic kiss? No more. The aglione saves the taste and the breath


If you love Italian food but at the same time love… making love, fear no more: your spaghetti aglio e olio or your bruschetta will not interfere anymore with your romantic activity, thank to an Italian duo of scientists who decided to dedicate their time and research to the rescue of aglione, a type of garlic much bigger than the normal aglio but without the chemical compound that gives bad breath. Aglione is easy to digest, odourless and milder. One bulb can weigh up to 800 grams and has nearly six cloves.

Alessandro Guagni and his business partner Lorenzo Bianchi discovered the nearly forgotten aglione while on holiday in Tuscany and decided to reintroduced it to cultivation. They found some seeds and started their own production in Marche, where Lorenzo Bianchi owns some land. They opened their company and now try to introduce their product to restaurants.

‘Only a handful of farmers nowadays produce the aglione’, Alessandro Guagni explains.’The production is expensive, as it’s done completely by hands. And on the market it’s more common to find an imported mass-produced garlic from Spain. We are trying to reinstate the cultivation of the original plant, with no use of chemical’.

The aglione will be availabe from September only in Italy and in small quantities. But Guagni and Bianchi, who are going on with their original jobs as engineer and lawyer as well as dealing with the garlic cultivation, look forward to making a business out of it.

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