Brexit from an Italian point of view


So, the date everybody has been worrying about is coming. The UK will hold a referendum on June 23 to decide if it will stay in or leave the European Union, also called as Brexit.

The debate is hot and on 20 June opinion polls on Britain’s EU referendum showed the two camps running neck and neck, according to the Financial Times.

But what do Italians think about this crucial referendum? Angelo Boccato, Italian freelance journalist working in London, has recently published a book  Brexit. Note di un europeista italiano a Londra (Brexit. Notes by an Italian supporter of Europeanism in London).

Boccato gathered together some of the stories and interviews he wrote for different outlets (Contributoria, Cafebabel, Equal Times and Q Code Magazine) in the last year and half. Angelo Miotto e Christian Elia, editors in chief of Q Code Magazine, described it as a kind of mosaic that helps to understand better the context in which the referendum took shape.

The Italian journalist interviewed not only Italians like Ivana Bartoletti who stood as the Labour candidate for the London Assembly in Havering and Redbridge or Camden’s Mayor Lazzaro Pietragnoli, but also British citizens such as politician Natalie Bennett and columnist Owen Jones.

And also, director Luca Vullo, that produced Influx, a documentary about Italian migration in London, Tommaso Frattini, associate Professor Department of Economics, Management and Quantitative Methods at University of Milan, Valentina Romeo, financial journalist at Foundweb/Money Marketing and many others.

To have a wider opinion about Brexit, buy here a copy of Brexit. Note di un europeista italiano a Londra.


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