5 things you don’t know about Brits and Italians on holiday

massimo vitali beaches
A photo by Massimo Vitali

1. 33 million Brits will go on holiday this year, but despite being famous for their forward thinking and organisation, 10 million have not booked their break.

2. Brits have less fun when they are on holiday. They spend only a quarter of their time on the beach or by the pool (Europeans average is 34%).

3. Brits (and Germans) do not care about their aspect on the beach. Both are nations with the lowest vanity index in Europe (6%). The highest score of vanity belongs - guess what? - to the Italians (13%).

4. Brits will spend their summer holiday in Spain (14%), Italy (7%), France (7%) and the US (6%).

5. 66% of Brits will go on holiday this summer (82% of Italians). They will spend an average og 10.16 days away (the Italian will take a 11.57 days break).

This survey was commissioned by Lastminute.com and realised by One Poll, polling 6000 European adults at the end of May.


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