DO shake with a firm shake

There is nothing worse than a weak handshake. When greeting someone, make your handshake strong and firm. It conveys confidence and warmth. And make eye contact while doing it.

DO clap you hands

There is nothing better than rewarding someone with applause. In Italy we applaud our heros with enthusiasm and for a long time, being them athletes, actors, or politicians. We use the expression ‘spellarsi le mani’ (literally to skin one’s hands) to describe a very enthusiastic applause.

DO explore your hands’ possibilities

A button to be sewn? A plug to be repaired? Do think you are aren’t able to mend things? You’ll be surprised about how relaxing, fulfilling and rewarding manual work can be. Try it for yourself.

DO look after your hands

Wearing elegant clothes and then neglecting your hands is a terrible, terrible mistake. Remember: the devil is in the details. Don’t go around with bitten, or worse dirty, nails.


DON’T eat using your hands

Eating using your hands is a faux-pas to be avoided at all costs. A few exceptions are allowed: pizza, bread, a chicken thigh or some fruits (bananas, a slice of apple, cherries), etc. can be eaten with the use of the fingers. All the rest require cutlery.

DON’T crush other people’s hand

A firm handshake, yes, but don’t crush other people’s hands. Above all, if you are a man and you are giving a handshake to a woman.

DON’T lick your fingers

It’s not a sign of appreciation of the food you are eating. Any restaurant, even the simplest one, provides a napkin for this. Use it.

DON’T poke or push

The civilized invention of the queue does not involve the touching and pushing of the person in front of you.

DON’T put your fingers where they do not belong

Nose and ears are not a place you should explore, above all in public.