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Our sense of “family” is known all over the world: the affection of the Italian “mamma”, Sunday lunch all together, the eternal clash with mother-in-law, our habit of supporting (and pestering) our kids along their childhood, of being there for them when they grow up, the endless presence of grandparents; all this is something the world looks at, sometimes with admiration, sometimes with sceptical curiosity.

In this issue we have tried to look at the concept of family in a very broad sense: family is not mother-father-kids, but it’s a complex and fluid pattern that deserves to be discussed because it’s shaping our world, despite the Jurassic mentality of our politicians.


There are unconventional families, single-parent families or same-sex parent families, and they all seem to work perfectly well and could work even better if they had less prejudice to face. And talking about families we could not forget the famous and infamous ones: royal families that can make one nation proud or ashamed, criminal families (yes, they are family too) with strong and indestructible bonds. The concept of family is rapidly changing.

Are we ready for it?

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