How your job search could be easier making companies looking for you


How many hours per day have you spent making applications online, or simply struggling to find the good contact to sent the CV for the ‘job of your life’?
We all went through this, some probably are still doing it, and they would be happy to know that thanks to HiredGrad, there is someone who is in charge to do it for you, meanwhile you are looking the last episode of Walking Dead.

Andrea Bonaceto and Krishna Venkata, Italian and Indian former students of the Imperial College in London, have just launched the new networking community for early graduates and insider companies in the digital market.

What is exactly HiredGrad ?
It’s a free online platform with the aim to help students, graduates and early professionals looking for business roles in start-ups and finance or consulting companies.

What has pushed you to create this community?
The first idea came through our experience of ‘job seekers’ after the master at the Imperial College of London. We went through this painful step made of CV, application forms and cover letter. We decided to make this the point of our business: to make the life of early graduates easier, helping them to take the first step in their career.

What makes HiredGrad different from Linkedin?
First of all HiredGrad is based on a different demographic focus, most of our members are entry level, early professionals. Then we are trying to build a strong network between universities and young businesses, as start-ups, organising networking events where they can meet. The next one will be on the 20th of October at the UCL, and we are pretty excited.

What is your vision for the future? Are you thinking to expand your business abroad?
HiredGrad head office is based in London and we have members from all the UK, even if my colleague Krishna and the design team are working from India at the moment. We have connections with many UK universities and colleges, but we are looking also to collaborate with some of the most important Italian universities. We do not want to set geographical boundaries. We dream big.

What about you? How long have you been in London and how long are you planning to stay?
I moved to London to study for my master in finance and I find here my path. I am totally focused on HiredGrad now. I could not think to move back to my country.

What is Italy for you?
Italy is a land full of talents. I know that it might sound rhetorical, but I really think that Italy has a lot of good chances to succeed that are usually not exploited. As I said, my plan is not to go back at the moment, but I hope that soon I would be able to go back and use my British experience in my country, being part of the change.


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