Could Italian Cuisine Be Better Than French Cuisine?

The Italian Cuisine
Isn't it what everyone have in mind when talking about Italian cuisine?

It is no doubt that the Italian and the French offer classic and diverse cuisines. However, choosing which of the two cuisines is better than the other might be a little difficult, considering that each has so much to offer. We can all agree that both countries have seriously good eats. Here is an in-depth look at both cuisines to help you figure out what makes them distinctly different.

The Italian Cuisine

The Italian Cuisine is bold and rich in the whole palette of natural flavors. This cuisine is known for its pasta, pizza, tortellini, and its delicious and filling risotto. The Italians focus more on fresh ingredients such as freshly picked vegetables, fresh meat, and fish more than on elaborate preparation when making their food. Their cuisine is a celebration of produce and protein based on locality and seasonality. This is the main reason their cooking change with seasons. Its food has characteristics that make it undeniably Italian.

Other than the fresh ingredients, the Italian cuisine is fond of tomatoes, and cheese with olive oil being the cornerstone of most of its meals. The Italian cuisine is exceptionally rich and hearty. In fact, the Italians only use spices to enhance the natural flavors of their food.

Espresso Italian

Nothing is more Italian than the espresso

The Italian cuisine is known for its coffee, also known as espresso. Cheese, wine, and beer are also a major part of the cuisine that should not be looked down upon.

Their food has a comforting feeling of familiarity. It is homely. One moutful of lasagna or spaghetti and you will think your mother lovingly prepared the meal. Their cooking style and recipes are basic and easy to learn. The Italians are so protective about their cuisine that they have a bill before parliament to safeguard their traditional meals.

The French Cuisine

The French Cuisine

The French Cuisine

The French cuisine is known globally for its finesse, art, and tradition. It has received accolades globally for its techniques. Unlike the Italian’s cuisine, the French food is more elaborate and requires very complicated preparation. It is created to savor and enjoy and not just to satisfy hunger. Before, it was designed for restaurants and royal blood. It has grown over centuries, making it one of the most refined styles of cooking universally. Heavy sauce, cheese, and butter are an integral part of the French cuisine.

Also known as haute cuisine, the French food is very regional. Some of its most famous foods include the bourguignon, boeuf and the delicious chocolate soufflé. It is so diverse that it may be difficult to describe their cuisine in one word. The French love their bread, wine, and cheese so much that most of their meals start with bread as an appetizer. After that, the main course is paired with different kinds of wine. They also believe that you eat with your eyes too. Hence, they try to make their food as appealing as possible. When serving, they mix colorful ingredients to make the food exquisite.

The French cuisine is undoubtedly the master of the culinary arts. Their servings are notably not as big as the Italians. This is due to the many courses each meal has.

From the short review of both cuisines, it is clear that no cuisine is above the other. Both cuisines have their own strengths and uniqueness. Both cookeries are known for their tremendous diversity. However, it is important to note that the French cuisine is unrivaled. Nevertheless, the Italians simplicity makes it a favorite amongst many. Its cuisine is guaranteed to leave your taste buds awakened. Regardless, whichever cuisine you prefer, there is no harm in trying out the other. Besides, satisfactory taste is relevant and diverse for different people. Bon Appetit!


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