Italian intelligence on how the news about terrorist attacks is fake

Italian beach

The headline in Bild News yesterday’s edition was quite clear. “Terror an unseren Ferien-Sträden geplant”, i.e.terror planned on our holiday beaches.

The German outlet warned the citizens about possible terrorist attacks on Italian and Spanish beaches this summer, quoting the Italian intelligence that is supposed to have contacted the German one.

According to news agency ANSA, the Italian sources immediately denied the news reported by the Bild.

The article warns about the possibility of attacks by Isis terrorists disguised as peddlers or street vendors on European shores, especially in Italy, Spain and South of France.

Radio 24 asked Martin Shultz, former German politician and current President of the European Parliament, whether he considers that as a real threat. He replied that he went on holiday to Sousse, Tunisia, a few weeks ago and he won’t cancel his holidays in Italy this summer.

President of Copasir (Comitato parlamentare per la sicurezza della Repubblica) Giacomo Stucchi declared today at LaPresse that as far as the information owned by Copasir is concerned, nobody has never talked about planning terrorist attacks of this kind.

So considering that this news is fake, there is no need to add further worthless fear especially because Italy, Spain and France economies rely massively on tourism.


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