Italianers, the first web series about young Italians in London

It’s hard sometimes to explain what it means to be an Italian in London, but the Creactivity Production crew found the way to show it with the language of new generations.

Italianers is a brand new web series on YouTube which tells the everyday life of thousands of Italians coming to the UK capital with a suitcase full of dreams and hopes.

Written by Samuele Grignoli and Adolfo Vico, the pilot and the first episode are already online on the Creativity Production channel and the second episode is on the way.

How did you get the idea for Italianers?

Almost one year ago, we decided to create something that could show this huge trend of immigration from Italy. We thought that a comedy web series would be the perfect way. All our crew is made of young Italians who moved here in London to follow their dream, and this is something we can talk about.

What is the story in Italianers?

Eduardo Giuliani, is the 27 years-old protagonist. He is an aspiring writer, a dreamer and a wimpy. He will learn soon the meaning of life in the great city of London, facing cultural differences, difficulties in starting a new life, struggling with the English language and so on. He will also make new friends and new experiences that will be part of the great process to become a writer.

Why did you choose this topic?

Since the beginning we have been really focused on our own experience and our situation in London. We had the chance to meet a lot of other Italians and we definitely shared the same issues. There are so many funny stories to tell about, but at the same time we want to show the bittersweet side of this adventure.

Foreigners who live in London know how the first months can be hard, when you need to recreate your life in a completely different environment.

How did you get the name Italianers?

People who livs in London are usually called Londoners, for their attitude and lifestyle, so we thought that we should have our own name as Italianers. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!


Italianers was born since the beginning as product for the web. Why?

Nowadays the fastest way to gather information about London is the internet, especially channels like Youtube for example.

That is the reason why we decided to use the web for our project, in order to be easily accessible. Our intent is to entertain and at the same time be a window that looks at this country through the eyes of the immigrants in the UK.

We know that there are hundreds of web series in the world, the most famous recent ones are The Pills and the one by The Jackal, but there are certainly English web series as well. Honestly we are more oriented toward the American TV format.

What are your projects for the future?

At the moment we are working on the post-production of a further episode and the creation of extra content that will enrich the project.

Our creative team is already struggling with writing a second season.

It’s not easy to create a quality product without adequate availability of resources; we are in fact looking for people to help us in this adventure. Although the enthusiasm of all the team is very high and this is the element that allows us to go on and follow our dream.

What is Italy for you?

Next question please? This is not easy to reply.
Actually is only moving to the UK and to a big city like London that we think about Italy in another way. We struggle every day with the desire of staying here or moving back home, meanwhile the distance between the UK and Italy becomes bigger and bigger.

However our heart is always in Italy, close to our families and friends, and we still keep the dream that maybe one day we would be able to create our future there.


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