Six reasons to love the London Riviera

The London Riviera

Do you dream to be in a remote island of the Mediterranean sea but you are stuck at work and the only relief is you air conditioning? Don’t worry, you can experience the London Riviera, a strip of Southbank transformed into something similar to the Miami Promenade of the French Riviera. Instead of palms, waves yand art-deco building ou can admire the skyline of the London Bridge, maybe an even too  familiar sight. But there are several reason why the London Riviera is good for you.

1. You need your yearly intake of Vitamin D, which is good for your health. Make the most of the London Riviera sun lounges then and get ready for a long winter.

You can boost your vitamins and phytochemicals intake with super-healthy juices which you’ll find in abundance here to supercharge your immune system.

3. Feed your soul, not only your body. Scientists have proved that eating healthy food in good company can promote mental health. Bring your friends to the London Riviera and you’ll find plenty of options, among them the Ceru Restaurant.

4. Beat the sadness. The SAD, Seasonal Affective Disorder, affects up to 2 million people living in the UK every year and studies proved that those choosing to spend time outdoors are happier and healthier than their counterparts who don’t get out so much. The London’s outdoor Riviera is the perfect place for an instant dose of happiness.

5. Switch off your mobile phone and enjoy summer sporting highlights as well as big screen favourites and cult classic film screenings or live music and live theatre events.

6. Try a different kind of holiday without leaving London. The London Riviera can give you the same feeling of a holiday resort but it’s a few tube stops away.



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