Walid Ghaleb would have never in his life thought of making pasta. Born in Vienna to an Egyptian father and a Lebanese mother, he moved to the United States when he was 16.

Pasta, along with the rest of Italian food, entered his life while studying finance in New York; his girlfriend at the time was Italian and she introduced him to the pleasures of well-cooked pasta. At the beginning, the reason he ate pasta was pure pleasure, but it would gradually evolve into a business as well.

Not having a green card made it difficult to get a job in the United States, so Walid moved to London where once again he found himself surrounded by Italians; he played football with them, ate with them, and one day he decided to start a business with them. In November 2013, Delicatezza was founded, a new supplier of freshly made pasta and other Italian delicacies.

 ‘We do nearly everything by hand and fresh. Pasta, cheese, small dishes. You order, we deliver. There is no stock, everything is made fresh for the customer a few hours before the delivery’, Walid says. ‘We can proudly affirm that we are the first and only one to make burrata in Central London [using British cow milk, ed.]. We also do mozzarella and ricotta, the way they do in the South of Italy’.

Making pasta by hand is something many Italian mothers and grandmothers do in the morning before the big Sunday lunch with the family. If you think it’s terribly time consuming and difficult to do, you would be wrong. It can be quick and fun, and most importantly it can be very rewarding: nothing is more pleasurable than giving family and friends food prepared to perfection. At Delicatezza, tortelloni, caramelle, ravioloni and fregola are all made fresh by a team of chefs supervised by Head Chef Ercole.

By now, your mouth is probably watering in anticipation of throwing yourself into the exciting world of pasta-making, and what better place to start than participating in our competition. So why not have the chance to win a lesson from the amazing Delicatezza chefs on How to Make the Perfect Pasta.

 Taking part in the competition is easy. Put the following photos in the correct sequence and send your answer to [email protected]. The winner of the prize will be selected among the correct entries.