Wear a piece of Italy. It might look well on you.

The actress Margareth Made wearing a garment from the OVS collection Arts of Italy

Would you wear an Italian masterpiece? You can. From 20th May OVS, the Italian high-street clothing brand, will put on the shelves of selected stores and online a limited-edition capsule collection inspired by a detail from an Italian work of art: a decoration, a frieze, marble veins, the tesserae of a mosaic.

The project, called Arts Of Italy, involves a number of famous testimonials: actors, dancers, fashion designers and models that support the project wearing the garments and explaining why in Italy you only need to open your eyes to be inundated with beauty.

The garments are inspired by beautiful details found in churches or Palazzos: the rose of the facade in the Romanesque Church of St Peter,  in Tuscania (Viterbo), mosaics of Galla Placidia in Ravenna, of the Cathedral of Salerno, of the Domus of The Myth in Sant’Angelo in Vado (Urbino) and of the Villa of Piazza della Vittoria in Palermo, inspired embroidered shirts, dresses, t-shirts, like the one worn by the pianist Giovanni Allevi and the actress Eleonora Giovanardi.

The project was curated by Davide Rampello.

Part of the proceeds from the sale will go to restoring a number of Italian art treasures.

But that’s not all. If you want to be protagonist of the project, just shoot a short 30-90′ video with the story that links your life to a favourite Italian place. Send it to OVS and you could win one of the three prizes at disposal for a total of 6.000 euro and see your video screened at the 73rd Venice Film Festival.



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