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In Italy, a prince’s CV is valued on the number of TV appearances he makes. Aside from Amedeo and Aimone of Savoia, the Italians of today only know their kings and princes through television appearances. Our prince is called Emanuele Filiberto (born in 1972) and he has been ruling our television screens for the last twenty years through a variety of different roles: he has been an opinion leader; a guest of honour; a dancer; a TV conductor. He has even performed as an actor in a pickles advert and in a classic Christmas blockbuster with the king of comedy, Christian De Sica.


At the end of the day, this is the place where the concept of the tronisti was born (tronisti are TV male celebrities who sit on a throne in TV shows).  And when it comes to television, it is first come, first served. Whoever reaches the pages of the gossip (and non-gossip) columns, rules. Vittorio Emanuele has been accused of arms dealing, of being affiliated with the P2 Masonic Group, of corruption and of exploitation of prostitution, abuse, the bribery of foreign officials and fraud. Even though the Italian aristocrat has always been cleared of all these offenses and has been only been charged with a six month suspended sentence for unlawful firearm possession, not all the accusations went quietly away. In 2006, Italy’s Chamber of the Kingdom (supposing that this chamber has still some form of power) decided that the new head of Savoia would be Vittorio Emanuele’s cousin Amedeo Savoia-Aosta (born 1943) instead. The ruling essentially gives the green light to a dynastic competition for the title of ‘king’ in a ‘kingdom’ that does not exist and in a country with no throne. Except, of course, for the thrones on TV.

Good (blue) blood does not lie. His father, Vittorio Emanuele (born 1937) was known for his scandals:  his many romances; his incompetence in handling guns on a boat in a Corsican island; for his controversial marriage with the commoner Marina Doria, for his faux pas.

 Quelli che il calcio(Rai 2, 1995-1996) Il ballo delle debuttanti(Canale 5, 2008) Ballando con le stelle(Rai 1, 2009) Concorrente Ciak… si canta!(Rai 1, 2010) Miss Italia(Rai 1, 2010) I Raccomandati(Rai 1, 2010-2011) L’isola dei famosi(Rai 2, 2011) guest star Ricchi di energia(Rai 2, 2011) Il principiante - Il lavoro nobilita(Cielo, 2012) Pechino Express(Rai 2, 2012) Mission(Rai 1, 2013)

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With his DNA, any CV is pointless. From the very beginning, Prince William of England (born 1981) has been taught how to gracefully and confidently tread the well-paved road to enthronement, bypassing court scandals, quashing rumours, and overcoming the tragic obstacles placed in his path. First by his father, Prince Charles (born 1948), who was openly unfaithful to his first wife Diana, before marrying his mistress Camilla. And then there is his rebellious younger brother Harry (born 1984), a raffish and naughty partyboy who has made the front page of every tabloid. Despite the agony of the controversial death of his mother Diana (1961-1997), William has marched on along the path to the throne without tripping, charming the British public who adore him and want him king as soon as possible. And it’s not by chance that the prince has married – for love! – his Kate Middle-Girl with no title and no scandal behind her, and has fathered a male heir. Soon he will have another heir, perhaps a little princess this time, ready to become the next gossip column celebrity and fill newspaper pages for decades to come.
And no, Will has not (yet) publicly stumbled into the arms and the text messages of some party girl… This prince is worth his weight in gold. Or, more accurately, the weight of the crown of his indestructible granny Elizabeth II (born 1926), an irreplaceable symbol of history and glory. Women like her do not exist anymore. When it comes to the British royal family, it really is a question of DNA. Until God saves the Queen.


Officer cadet (January 2006 - 16 December 2006) Sub-lieutenant of The Blues and Royals (16 December 2006 - 16 December 2006) Lieutenant of The Blues and Royals (16 December 2006 – 1 January 2009) Flying officer of the Royal Air Force(1 January 2008 - 1January 2009) Pilot-in-charge, Royal Navy(1January 2008 - 1January 2009) Lieutenant, Royal Navy(1January 2009 - present)Captain, The Blues and Royals (1January 2009 – present) Captain, Royal Air Force(1t January 2009 – present) Personal aide-de-camp to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II (17 March 2013 – present)

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