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Mothers are not what they used to be. Today, instead of spending their mornings preparing tomato sauce for lunch, they are all in front of their PCs, blogging. Apparently, there is no other activity that mums like best. Forget the joy of breastfeeding, getting emotional for the toddlers first steps, or when they are called “mum” for the first time. Having a blog to show makes a mum prouder than having a child admitted into the best school.

 The Moms Blogger Club network, created in the US, has more than 20,000 members worldwide. We have selected the best and most popular ones in Italy and the UK. Behind this successful blog there is a financial journalist whose nom-de-plume is Elasti, with three kids and a part-time husband who works abroad and is never home. Thanks to her blog she has published a book and she conducts a radio programme. It’s still uncertain if she has time to do homework with her children. The title means “Are you kidding me?” and it’s the expression Chiara, the author, used when she found out she was pregnant. Three years and many posts after, Machedavvero is one of the most popular mummy blogs in Italy and Chiara is blogging also for Barilla (and for our magazine, too). Alison Perry does not look like another mummy eager to write another blog, but another thirty-something lady eager to write and be read. Her blog is about what she wears, what she buys and where she goes more than anything else. Helen, a professional copy for several websites, “fond of sleep and wine”, who started her own blog to be the original voice of her Glib Girl. She was finalist in the BritMumsLive, a two-day event gathering the most influential bloggers and social media crazy. A proper, real blog, a diary where the author talks about herself and her daily life. Are you not interested? Then scroll down or leave. But, at least, you’ll find pieces of real life here, and not the usual anti-wrinkle cream test and washing machine powder advice. A group of mums (at least 20, a real hoard) offer tips about pretty much everything, from fashion to travel. They also produce videos and try beauty products (which must be the funniest part of blogging, isnt’it?). A webzine more than a blog, with a little bit of everything.

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