To celebrate the London Design Festival, during which Italian design has always played a central part, we have decided to work around a theme that is very dear to everyone - but especially to people who have chosen to live in a country different from the one where they were born:  Home. In a way, we are all snails, carrying our home on our back. We can travel, buy new houses and adapt to new situations but in the end we try to fit our entire world in the imaginary shell that we keep carrying around, to look at it for reassurance every time we feel homesick. And the way we live, the houses we inhabit and the furniture we choose all reflects our inner self, our desires and our dreams.

In this second issue you’ll find the stories of those “snails”; the people who adapt to difficult environment in order to fulfil their aspirations; the architects who have chosen live the big dream; or the people who think every home needs a feminine touch.


We hope that by reading this issue you will find something familiar, that will make you feel at home.

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