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If you are reading this editorial, it means that you have gotten hold of the first number of our magazine. Perhaps out of nothing more than idle curiousity, but in some way you are participating in this adventure, many months in the process. Our aim is to create a medium in which Italian expats in London can recognise themselves, and in which English readers (but also French, Spanish, Turkish, Swedish, Canadian; London is a melting pot so vast that a list of all the nationalities that have found home here would be longer than this editorial) can come to a better understanding of these five hundred thousand new neighbours. The IT Factor wants to tell you about who we are, what we are like, without ever forgetting the comparisons and contrasts with the country we currently live in.


“The first issue, the one you are currently holding, is focused on a “refreshed” Italy. A country with a young government, a rising film industry; new designers and artists to discover, start-uppers with fresh ideas, all of them young, and many of them coming to the UK to kick-start their dreams. To be read by the rest of the world using a new alphabet, that is our mission.If you arrive at the very last of these pages, we can in some way consider that accomplished.” 


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