A woman producer for a ‘Boy story’

annamaria pennazzi

Annamaria Pennazzi is a talented 22 years-old producer for the brand new TV comedy Boy Story. The young Italian woman managed alone a crew of 12 ‘terribly funny’ guys filming the pilot episode that will be screening the 10th of September.

Enthusiastic and determined, she moved to London from her small village near Assisi (Umbria) in Italy, three years ago, following her biggest dream: being a screenwriter and movie director.

Her father is Italian, but her mother is a Croatian woman who lived most of her life in Norway and that gave  ‘Annie’ a particular inclination to travelling.

‘Just after the high school I said to myself that I had to move’. She took her one-way ticket to London, carrying with her a luggage full of enthusiasm and passion for old Italian movies.

‘I’ve started to love cinema watching with my father the films of Fellini, Vittorio De Sica and Antonioni’, she said. But her appeal for movies’ set is probably a matter of genetics, as her grandfather was the president of ANIC-AGIS (the Italian Association for Performing Arts) for several years.

Student at the London College of Communication, with a previous experience as production assistant for the media company Latimer, Annamaria has a clear idea about the future: her life would be on a movie set.

‘In this job the crew becomes a family and the set is like a home’ she said with a touch of proudness in her green eyes: ‘It was my first time as proper producer and I still feel strange in this role, especially when you are in your twenties and you have to deal with a male dominate environment, but I think it was great experience both professionally and personally’.

Even if the journey of Annamaria has just started and she does not know where it will bring her next, London still has a huge and determining role in her life.

‘I am a citizen of the world, as my grandma told me since I was a child, but I have to admit that none of this would have been possible if I had not come to London. I owe this city a lot’.


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