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[Symbiosis] The Nature of Mankind

The project ‘SYMBIOSIS’ gives a voice to an overwhelming need for mankind to reconcile itself with the universe.

[symbiosis] 009 Mare Nostrum[symbiosis] 010 Amazonas

The protagonists of this series are modern fauns: common people, stripped of their clothing who by surrendering meekly to their origins, succeed in communicating with Mother Nature and becoming one with her. Ultimately, we have no choice, but to follow her rules.

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I was born in 1977 in Pescara (Italy). I’ve always been curious about photography.
A great source of inspiration for me is the magnificence of certain architectural achievements. I’m fascinated by what  man has succeeded in building  around himself  through the ages. I take pictures of faces and I modify them by adding images- like in a montage. I love playing with light and shadow, tone and texture.
I use the most advanced technology to express myself, but in reality, my projects are born of paper and pencil: sketches and notes transform into  thoughts and images.
I sleep with my moleskine and a pencil, because most of my ideas come to me at night. I wake up and I write down what I have imagined or dreamed, so I can be sure I remember everything the next morning.

You can see his work at: