Every household has its black sheep. In the Windsor household it happens to be a ginger one…. and it’s called Henry Charles Albert David, or simply Harry. The second son of Charles and Diana, (1961-1997), Harry was born on 15th Septmber 1984. His  flaming head of ginger hair  is as infamous as his capricious personality, always ready to ignite a spark on any occasion – some of which have included: brawls, bachelor parties, horse races, rugby matches. Harry seems prone to fickle and somewhat tempestuous relationships.


Hot headed, passionate, charismatic and a bit edgy, he’s on a totally different planet from his more serious and shadier brother, William the ‘waltzer’. They may not even be blood brothers if the rumours surrounding his birth are to be believed and which suggest Harry could be the fruit of Lady Diana’s relationship with her… umm, stallion, major James Hewitt. It’s known without a shadow of a doubt the two shared a liaison, a liaison which apparently occurred in the months preceding the royal pregnancy.


The photos speak louder than any paternity test, and the resemblance to this fine figure of a stallion, becomes clearer with the passing of each day, despite Harry’s princely efforts. He’s a respected and brave soldier, with missions, including Afghanistan, to his name. But his rebellious streak and a less-than British aplomb makes him.. well, let’s say - a perfect Italian!
You can just see him speeding down the coast of Italy, from Liguria to Portofino, in his Ferrari, sporting an Armani suit. He’s perfect propping up the wall at parties, in his diadora trainers, a cigarette in one hand, knocking back the Aperol Spritz in the other. Or in the ski resort of Courmayeur in his leopard print SUV, a blond actress hanging on his arm at all times. Martina Stella, maybe - a liaison forcefully denied by the Palace. Unlike the Agnelli family, whose descendants are always cruising for a bruising, Harry’s heart is in the right place. After spending his gap year in the tiny South African country of Lesotho, he and Prince Seeiso of Lesotho, went on to found a charity called Sentebale to help children and young people there.