Editorial - SEX

Schermata 2015-03-09 alle 10.57.05

“What are we talking about when we talk about love”? Forgive us, Mr Carver, but very often what we are really talking about is sex. And very often again we tend to confuse the two. Not this time, though. This time we want only to talk about sex.



It has been good fun to put the magazine together and finding the differences between the Italians (great lovers, or at least that’s what everybody thinks) and the Brits (and what a revelation-, they overtake the Italians when it comes to romance, as you can read in the article on pages 18-19). The Italians, maybe unsurprisingly, are  the champions of deception, as you can learn from reading Guia Soncini’s book that we review on  pages 12-13. Sex with your steamy neighbour? That’s so yesterday. Now we find our partners on one of the many dating sites, which are a  lifeline for the single people among us. Sex the traditional way?


Even worse. Why  limit yourself to your double bed when you can try tantric sex or, for the more advanced, an orgasmic meditation experience? Have I already mentioned how much fun we had putting this issue together? Now you know why and I hope you have fun reading it.

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