London crazy for Italian gelato


A storm - including the last results from Brexit referendum - is not going to stop Londoners from tasting the quintessence of real Italian ice cream at the Gelato Festival 2016 in Old Spitafield Market.

Now in its 7th edition, Gelato Festival is the most important competition for Italian-style ice cream and it will run for one week until 3 July in London, before moving to Berlin.

Hundreds of Londoners had the chance to be jurors and choose the best original flavour, deciding who is going to compete in the great final in Florence and to be nominated the winner of the 2016 Gelato Festival.

Most of Britons do not know, actually, that the father of classic Italian ice-cream is a Florentine architect from the 16th century, Bernardo Buontalenti, who created a delicious iced cream made of zabaione and fruit.

All of this and much more will be revealed during the Festival, taking place in one of the most hip markets of East London, thanks to a full immersion of activities, workshops and masterclasses.

Between a tasty cup of cream and another, is possible to learn from the great Italian masters how to make a proper homemade gelato, or to discover the new vegan solutions. The idea behind is to educate on the difference between the real traditional Italian recipe and the international ice-cream, showing how much inspiration and simple natural ingredients are important to create a gorgeous gelato.

Visitors would be able to taste the fiordipanna with caramel, dark chocolate and nuts from Osvaldo Palermo; the quince cheese, a selection of cheese with quince jam created by Sabrina Dessì; the white chocolate cream with bergamot from Vincenzo Pennestrì and the figued cappuccino, an original mix of coffee and fig by young Simone Mancini.

And for the boldest ones the funny gelato master Vetulio Bondi will introduce his original flavour, created just for London audience, the Cockney Rebel, a crunchy fiordilatte with ginger, chocolate, nuts and sunflower seeds.

Once you will try it, you will not get along without anymore!



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