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Ah Sicily! The wonderful island, the largest of the Mediterranean sea, the toe of Italy’s boot, with 3000 years of culture to discover. Beautiful, intriguing, sun-drenched and colorful. But far away. Of course you can jump anytime on a plain and enjoy a weekend in Palermo or Taormina, immerse yourself in the beauty of Ragusa or wander in the Vucciria market. But if your busy schedule does not allow a trip any time soon, do you know London can bring a slice of Sicily on your doorstep? There is always a way of indulging in the Sicilian way of life without leaving home. Follow this map to discover your Sicily in London.


Estorick Collection  39A Canonbury Square If you want to know Sicilian painters Emilio Greco and Renato Guttuso this is the place. Greco (1913-1995) was a sculptor (he worked at the Orvieto Cathedral’s doors) but on display here there is one of his beautiful female Nudes. By Palermo born Renato Guttuso (1911-1987) founder of The Group of Four there is a wonderful Death of a hero (1953).
British Museum Great Russell Street  Sicily Culture and Conquer is the biggest exhibition on Sicily ever presented in the UK and it explores 4000 years of history of the largest Mediterranean island. Many objects on display are part of the museum’s own collection and you can admire them even when the exhibition closes on 14 August 2016.
Antonello da Messina (National Gallery) National Gallery Trafalgar Square Antonello da Messina is the most notable Sicilian painter among the Old Masters. National Gallery hosts five beautiful works by the artist among them Portrait of a Man which shows the influence of Dutch culture in da Messina’s work.
Sicilian-Avenue Sicilian Avenue Holborn Designed by the British architect Robert James Worley  (1850-1930) it's one of the first Edwardian commercial development.
Vini Italiani South Kensington Vini Italiani 72 Old Brompton Road and Unit 33 The Market Covent Garden If you cannot tell apart your pinot from your verdicchio this is the place for you. The first all-Italian wine shop allows you to choose and buy among more than 400 wines or to simply sip them and eat cold-cuts and cheeses. The Covent Garden store is open from 9am. A good excuse to try their selection of breakfast wines or tea wines. Among the Sicilian wines Puritani Norma and Enrico IV by Valenti are their best choice.
iddu Iddu 38-42 Harrington Road  Open from 7am to 11pm Iddu is the perfect place to find authentic Sicilian breakfast lunch and dinner options. The best cannoli you can find the other side of Etna these delicacies come in a dish with a choice of crushed pistachios almonds or chocolate to be sprinkled generously over the creamy ricotta.
South Kensington Club South Kensington Club 38-42 Harrington Road  There are not many places the other side of Mondello where you can swim in the Sicilian sea but one of them can be found in South Kensington. This exclusive private members’ club has a Mediterranean-inspired restaurant a state-of-the-art gym and an Asian watsu pool filled with water sourced directly from the Sicilian sea.
Etna Coffee Etnacoffee Sicilian Street Food Victoria Arcade The first Sicilian food corner where people taste among the best arancini and cannoli in town. The little place is the brainchild of brothers Gaetano and Enrico who decided to bring a piece of Sicily to London. Stop for a quick bite and you'll discover the real Sicilian street food.
chardonnay-planeta Planeta The family of Spanish origins started dealing with wines when Michele was born in 1585. The company is at its 17th generation and brother sister children and grandchildren all work together to produce among the best Sicilian wines you can find on the market. Buy them at
Vita by Sicily Food online service Tony and Roberta carefully choose Italians farmers and weekly deliver to your door the best of their fruit and vegetables. Doctor says the Mediterranean diet is the best to keep you healthy and young and slim. It's time to believe them and give it a go.
ortigia Ortigia 52 Duke of York Square and 25 Marylebone High Street Fico d'India cactus and jasmine do not grow in Sicily only: you can find them in Sloane Square or Marylebone as well in the form of soaps body creams shower gels and perfumes. Founded with passion by Italophile Sue Townsend and distilled by mastro perfumer Lorenzo Villoresi Ortigia is a total immersion in a Sicilian perfumed world.
readinglist The Italian Bookshop 123 Gloucester Road Sicilian literature counts not only The Leopard by Tomasi di Lampedusa but also novels and plays by Luigi Pirandello books Andrea Camilleri and the multi-faceted novels by Simonetta Agnello Hornby among others. Sicilian literature and much more in this little cozy bookshop dedicated to Italian culture and language.


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