A Venetian treat can make your day brighter


Esse, baicoli, zaeti, croccante and caramei.  Do those words make any sense to you? If not, it’s time to refresh your Venetian dialect. They are all sweets, cookies and treats made in Venice, together with galani and frittelle, typically tasted during Carnival. Some of them available all year round, some of them only in certain periods, usually linked to popular celebrations, such as San Martino (12th of November).

All the history and the recipes of the Venetian treats are now collected in a very special book called I Dolci Veneziani del Caffè Florian (Venetian treats from the Caffè Florian), published by the most famous - and the most expensive - coffee shop in Venice, situated in Piazza San Marco since 1720.

The book is illustrated with watercolors by artist Adrian Tuchel and photos by Marco Tortato,  while the words are by Stefano Stipitivich.
And as we are talking about treats, all the recipes are carefully prepared by chef patissier Cristiano Strozzi.

A section is dedicated to a stroll in Venice, far from the masks shops and the tourists traps, searching instead all those people who still work with passion and dedication, such as artisans and the traders of nearly disappeared goods.

The book is on sale at the same Caffè Florian and on its online shop. A good exctuse for your next trip to Italy.



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