The kale bruschetta recipe & the Italian cribs


Italian traditional Christmas is all about presepi (cribs/nativity scenes).
Families will reunite each night around them to make Mary and Joseph go one step further towards the manger. A fading tradition, unfortunately.

Baby Jesus is absent, hided somewhere in the house. He will reappear only at midnight of Christmas Eve, for another family gathering.

But the crib activity is not over yet… From now to January 6, it is time for the Three Kings to move, one step each day, towards baby Jesus.

I admit I have a very pagan crib, which is not a nativity scene at all: my collection of Christmas Villages statuettes. A cozy, dreamy scenery that helps me pretend I’m having a Winter Wonderland scenario out of my Roman window.

But let’s go back to food, Italian Christmas food.

Kale bruschetta

The black kale bruschetta recipe

My Italian Christmas journey continues in Tuscany, the home of delicious and healthy kale (cavolo nero). Which we usually use for salads, pesto or pasta dishes.

However, it can be a great appetizer too, lusciously laying on a kale bruschetta. At least, that’s how it would be served on a Tuscan Christmas table.

The recipe is easy and the result amazing: kale, extra-virgin olive oil, red pepper and garlic. You need Italian bread: sourdough would be the perfect option.

Get the complete recipe here.

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