The future of Italian Photography

Lorenza Bravetta

Photography has never been so widespread as in these days when everyone with a camera (or a smartphone) and an Instagram account can consider himself a photographer.
But in all this messy production of images, something need to be done to preserve what is undeniably a heritage. For that reason the Italian Ministery of Cultural Heritage has appointed Lorenza Bravetta as advisor. Not many people have her deep knowledge of Italian photography and its past and future. On 28th June she will be in conversation with the Director of the Italian Cultural Institute, photographer and curator Marco Delogu, and Hannah Watson, from the publishing house Trolley Books, founded by Italian Gigi Giannuzzi. They will talk about Italian contemporary photography and cultural policies.

The event closes the ‘Italy on Photography‘ month, a series of talks, book presentations and exhibitions to celebrate Italian photography on the occasion of the second edition of Photolondon.


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