A Neapolitan night in east London


On Monday, July 10th London gets closer to Italy, especially to Naples, the city ‘you have to visit before dying’ as the say goes. Napulitan-A Neapolitan Night in London brings to Brick Lane some music and food from Naples thanks to TIJ Events and UKItaEvents.

The ‘Canzone napoletana’ (Neapolitan song) is famous all around the world with its mix of mandolin and poetry but possibly not everybody knows the Neapolitan music scene is nowadays more alive than ever, spanning completely different genres of music, especially rap and hip hop.

Five Neapolitan music projects will be introduced to the audience at 93 Feet East. Some of them are already popular, like O Zulù from the combat band 99 Posse, who will present his first solo work released in March 2017 (if you want a sneak peak click here.
Jovine is a project invented in 1998 by Valerio Jovine and his brother, bass player and founder of 99 Posse, mixing reggae, electronic and pop. ‘Quello che mi rimane in testa’ (What Stays in My Mind) is the last single and one of the tracks of the album released in June 2017 Want to listen? Click here.

Fuossera come from Piscinola, that suburban area of Naples you may know from “Gomorra” by Roberto Saviano. With their lyrics they try to sing about their homeplace with their original point of view, mixing rap and hip hop. They will present their third album, “Demodè” which includes many featuring among which the ones with Clementino, Luché (ex Co’Sang) and Enzo Dong.

Manlio Calafrocampano
, “Italian raggamuffin soldier”, as you can read in the description on his page, born in Naples but living in London, has already released two albums and one EP, and opened concerts of 99 Posse and Sud Sound System.

And least, but not last Dj Fenomeno Show, old school DJ and radio speaker will play exclusively Neapolitan music, spanning different genres from different periods.

Obviously there will be food as well and what is better than pizza? The guys from Napoli on the road will make pizza and casatiello (if you don’t know it you’d better check it out) during the night.

The first bunch of early bird tickets are already sold out, so get your tickets quickly!



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