Is French pizza better than the Italian one?

A traditional pizza

We thought that the culinary rivalry between France and Italy was over after the Carbonara gate. But in fact, it is not.

The pizza world championship that took place in April in Parma ended with a surprise. The winner of 2016 edition is Ludovico Bicchierai, who runs a take-away pizza restaurant in France, near Marseilles.

The problem is not that he is French, as non-Italians have won the competition twice before. The thing is this year’s winner topped his pizza with ingredients inspired by bouillabaisse fish soup (sea bream carpaccio, mozzarella, prawns, tabacco sauce and courgette flowers).

Mr Bicchierai defeated more than 650 pizza-makers from 35 countries impressing the judges with his original version of pizza.

We wonder, who were the judges? And were the real Italian pizza-makers?



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