Italian TV correspondent Marco Varvello feels Italian in Brompton

Marco Varvello, News Correspondent for RAI Italian TV
Marco Varvello, News Correspondent for RAI Italian TV

Marco Varvello, News Correspondent and bureau Chief  for RAI Italian TV, shares his favourite places in London.

What’s your favourite place to have a coffee and have a good start of the day?
At home, I use a small moka for two and I have large coffee but with Italian style. When I drink my coffee I usually read Italian and British newspapers on my iPad using different apps.

Which is your favourite museum?
Tate Modern. It is kind of parlour, not just an art gallery. It’ss a globalised mirror of contemporary art. Eye-opening, mind-altering and stunning view on the Thames.

Which is your favourite place for stroll?
Primrose Hill e Regent’s Park. I like to watch how city planning and London skyline develop and transform.

Which is your favourite building in London?
The Shard. I would not work in an office at high altitude, but there is no comparison for a breath-taking night.

What is your favourite shop?
Piaggio dealer in Edgware Road.

What would you do if you were the mayor of London?
I would abolish the 20 miles/hour limit (30 miles/hour is fine), but I would especially remove speed bumps that destroy car’s suspensions. Can I make a complaint to the Council?
Where you have your ideal meal?
Lunch for me is light and not relevant. I do much prefer dinner, relaxing, at home with my wife.
Which is the place in London that more than others makes you feel Italian?
Brompton Road Oratory for sure. It’s like being in a parish church in Milan or in Rome. The style is Baroque decorated with Carrara marbles.
Your secret place in London is…
The pedestrian path that goes from Highgate Wood to Alexandra Palace. The itinerary retraces the old railway that now is abandoned.


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