Negrita, Modena City Ramblers and 99 Posse: the new season of Italian music in London

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The Bandabardò group

We all love summer also because of the music festivals all around Europe. The mud, the colourful festival wristbands and those pints that cost more than a full meal. But what about a concert on a rainy night in a nice and cozy venue in central London? This autumn you will have the chance to enjoy a new season of Italian music organised by TIJ Events.

Modena City Ramblers and 99 Posse

Modena City Ramblers and 99 Posse

Negrita, the pop rock band from Tuscany, will hit the stage on 18 October at The Garage, one of most iconic venues in London. This will be their only European date. Officially born in 1992, the band took their name from The Rolling Stones’ song, Hey! Negrita.

On 26 October will be the turn of Officina Zoè with their music from Salento, Apulia. They will bring their Pizzica and Taranta at Hoxton square bar and kitchen. You don’t know what Pizzica and Taranta are? Officina Zoè will introduce you to Apulia’s popular music and culture. Thanks to Officina Zoe the Pizzica dance has become popular in all the European capitals since before the ‘taranta-mania’. There’s no chance you will not stand up and dance.

TIJ Events organises two more gigs in November.

On November 7, 2016 Bandabardò will play at Dingwalls in Camden Town. The band from Florence will bring their folk-rock music all around Europe and will hit the stage also in Dublin, Brussels and Amsterdam.

After last year’s great success, the Resistenza Globale tour comes back in Europe. 99 Posse and Modena City Ramblers will play at the O2 Academy in Islington on 21 November, mixing different genres: hip hop, reggae and dub (99 Posse) and the so-called combat folk (MCR).

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