Better than Harrods. La Rinascente awarded the best store in the world


IGDS (Intercontinental Group of Department Stores), the most important international association of department stores, nominated La Rinascente of Milan ‘The Best Department Store in the World’.

Its strong business performance, the ability to create an extraordinary in-store experience and the excellent customers service provided by La Rinascente  are just three of the reasons that led IGDS to this decision.

So yes, La Rinascente is better than Harrods or Galeries La Fayette.

Gabriele D’Annunzio would be proud of this award. In 1917 the Italian poet and writer renamed the department store based in Milan after its rebuilding following a fire. In fact, in Italian, rinascere means to reborn.

The department store, founded in 1865 by the Borletti brothers, rapidly grew in the ’20s and ’30s, maintaining its position during the war and experiencing an incredible upturn during the 50s. All the new trending products, such as the fridge and the miniskirt, were available at La Rinascente and the luxury shop became soon an institution.

Since 1917, this name brought good luck to the little shop established more than 150 years ago in a side street of Piazza Duomo in Milan. Today the department store chain counts 12 shops in the most beautiful cities in Italy, from Turin to Catania.

The 2009 has been an important year for the flagship store in Milan, when Design Supermarket opened in the basement floor. Devoted to design in its multiple expressions, it offers innovative design products, making the purchase of a design object an easy and informal experience.



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