The National Gallery speaks Italian

Gabriele Finaldi, National Gallery
Gabriele Finaldi, new director of the National Gallery

A long program of exhibitions, that will start with Goya (7 October) and will continue with the Botticini’s Palmieri Altarpiece (4 November) and the influence of Caravaggio (12 October 2016).

Gabriele Finaldi, British born but of Italian origins, newly appointed director of the National Gallery, is going to bring his beloved countries, Spain and Italy, to the museum.
‘This is a place of great art’, Finaldi has said to the press today. ‘Not only a place of great masters. I hope it can continue to inspire his visitors and despite the cuts it will continue to be free’.

Finaldi, who took up his position at the National Gallery in August after 10 years at the Prado in Madrid, told us about his Italian origins and how being Italian in London made him passionate about history of art.
Listen to the interview.

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