What the Italians in London think of Brexit

Brexit as seen by The Spectator
What Italians in London think of Brexit
Michele Cuccovillo Vincenzo-Cappelluto
Michele Cuccovillo Entrepreneur and Management Consultant. This is a choice that cannot be reverted in 5 10 or 20 years time: and it is between the status quo and any other possible scenario so unpredictable that makes downside risks far greater than the potential upside rewards. I am for Remain because in a world full of political uncertainty (Trump potential president and Isis and many fragile democracies) it is our duty to stay compact and bring stability. Vincenzo Cappelluto Alitalia. Ho pensato che al referendum non ci saremmo mai arrivati e invece… La questione ha infiammato i flemmatici inglesi più di quanto mi aspettassi rivelando la loro mai sopita indole "isolana". Mi preoccupa in particolare il fatto che l'emigrazione sia diventata il fulcro della decisione di tante persone inglesi che conosco. In realtà le variabili sono tante e difficili da valutare. Credo comunque sia soprattutto un voto sul futuro che gli inglesi vogliono per il loro paese: senza particolari rischi se restano imprevedibili problemi ma anche opportunità se vanno. Ho sempre pensato che la Gran Bretagna abbia svolto bene un ruolo di 'ponte' economico e culturale tra gli USA e l'Unione Europea ruolo che credo possano fare meglio dentro piuttosto che fuori dall'Europa.
Camden-Mayor-Lazzarro-Pietragnoli Francesca-Marchese
Lazzaro Pietragnoli Mayor of Camden. The referendum on the British membership of the European Union could (and should) have been an opportunity to discuss the role of the UK in the world and the challenges that lays ahead in the increasingly changing global society. The whole campaign instead has been characterised by an hysterical debate about immigration and control of borders. The consequences are that one of the most important decision the British people are requested to make will be determined more by perceptions and instinct rather than a rational decision and it is a very scary perspective that while the world become more interconnected and global problems require more integration the UK is sleepwalking into an isolated and close attitude relying more on their own resources and powers than in the shared and collaborative approach. Francesca Marchese Freelance journalist. Better IN. UK needs to change its immigration rules in order to grow stronger in Europe: more jobs higher salaries less cuts on public services. The only way is to seat at the same table with other European players. As a Londoner from Sicily I've got a strong identity about my roots not about where I'm currently living. I could easily move somewhere else but I believe I can give more to this country and I would like to continue calling London home.
Francesco-Fanelli angelo-boccato
Francesco Fanelli Entrepreneur. The upcoming referendum on Brexit is generating an unpredictable anxiety mixed with disbelief and surprise. The polls suggest that whatever the outcome British people are asking for a change. As an Italian citizen living in the UK for the past 6 years I would vote to remain in Europe. I would hope that we could go back to give priority to those political values ​​that foster a peaceful and collaborative cooperation in the Old Continent. These values were the foundation of Europe even before the economic union we have come to know. An emotional vote in favour of an exit would undermine everything that has been achieved so far and its consequences could be very dangerous. When decisions are determined by fear they are likely to be wrong. Leaving the EU however would not happen overnight. Article 50 of the EU Treaty accounts for two years of bureaucratic processes to be completed. At the end of this period Britain would find itself isolated in the European continent and this would not only undermine the economic union but also offset the socio-political relevance of Europe in the worldwide panorama. Angelo Boccato freelance journalist and writer. It is quite complicated to summarise the core elements that drove the UK to the EU referendum that will be held on June 23. If I should pick some factors I would mention the hegemony of the UKIP agenda in the political and social debate and the influx of EU citizens towards the UK especially from Mediterranean Europe in the wake of the Eurozone crisis and a misguided debate on the refugee crisis. As an Italian who lives and work in the UK I am clearly critical about a potential Brexit scenario because there is no clarity at all on the kind of outcome that this could have. A Brexit scenario will have dire consequences on the UK economy and on the EU. Whichever the outcome the precedent has been set and Eurosceptic forces all over Europe are feeling more confident now. The EU needs real change but the choice to Leave would simply reinforce conservative and nationalist forces in Europe.


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