‘I’m not British anymore’. Rage and fury over Brexit result

Lara-Walters-on-brexit Poppy-Sheen-on-Brexit
Lara Walters 23 year Montessory training nursery school teacher. People who are dead in twenty years voted my generation out of good life. Poppy Sheen PR Account Manager. I am so saddened and shocked by today's result. I'm embarrassed to call myself British. Why don't my people want to belong? I'm taking a small amount of comfort in the fact that my friends and family and Londoners in the street are all voicing their outrage. The electorate may have voted to leave but there are still so many of us who want to remain. I honestly don't know what the future will hold for us now.
Chris-Powers-on-Brexit anonymous
Chris Powers from University of Cambridge. I am not English or British anymore. I don't know what I am. Those labels are forever tinted with xenophobia and lies. My Europeanness has been denied and a drawbridge has been pulled between myself my friends my girlfriend and the places and the people I love. The old have betrayed the young. Old wounds and new wounds have been opened up. The idea of a 'United' Kingdom is pathetic and it is for all intents and purposes over. I only hope that the rest of Europe can shield itself from such hate because Nigel Farage was wrong in his statement that this has been done without shots being fired. Shots were fired on Jo Cox and there is a real risk shots will be fired in Europe once more maybe in Belfast and maybe further afield. The European Union has never been more sorely needed. Anonimous 22 year old from Hertfordshire University. I feel a bit stunned that the leave vote won. In Kent people seem to feel that either option was filled with issues and I feel a number of people voted just to hit back against the establishment. What happens next with regards to negotiations will be very interesting.
Huw-Evans-on-Brexit Tom-Harvey-on-brexit
Huw Evans 25 year old Management consultant. I woke feeling sick and quite emotional. Yesterday I voted to remain but I found out that half my compatriots disagree with me. Every Briton has experienced first-hand the benefits of being an EU citizen and I believe we've made the wrong decision to leave the EU. This vote is a huge leap into darkness and uncertainty and that is what worries me so much. This has never happened before so it is impossible to say what will happen to the UK or the EU but our futures are strongly linked and whilst I agree that the EU isn't perfect in order to change or improve something you have to be part of it. I think the worst outcome is a break-up of the UK (with a second referendum on Scottish independence looking likely) and possibly a further disintegration of the EU. I'm hoping that we find a way to remain in the EU improve our community and work for a better future together. Thomas Harvey 21 Undergraduate of Law at University of Cambridge. I think there are two emotions that have dominated response here. First shock because we are trying so hard to achieve some level of expertise yet the people of our nation have signalled that they do not value this. Second shame when we look into the eyes of our European and other foreign compatriots and know that our people have turned their backs on them and the joint endeavours we previously sought to achieve.

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