Pareto Principle: How to Make It Work


To become successful in life and effective in a business is the goal that most people set for themselves. To become successful is not even a goal but motivation. It has no specific definition. And the goal must always be clearly and precisely formulated. Indeed, many phenomena in our lives are subject to mathematical laws. If we understand these laws well, then our productivity will increase. Suppose you have defined a goal for yourself and approximately understand where to go. You should just rationally distribute the efforts to obtain the maximum result with minimum costs. Is it impossible? You doubt for nothing because many phenomena in society and nature are subject to the 80/20 rule. So, what does Pareto's law mean in terms of practice?

What Is the Essence of the 80/20 Principle?

Being engaged in sociological and economic research, the scientist Wilfredo Pareto found that 80% of the country's resources are controlled by only 20% of the population. As well as business owners receive 80% of the profits from 20% of consumers of their product. And even 80% of the harvest is obtained from 20% of the planted seeds or seedlings. So, to get 80% of the result, you need to spend only 20% of the effort. However, the opposite is true as well. Universal law, which you can apply in your life. However, what should you do to make the scheme work? Of course, you should reorient the applied efforts as to their expediency. And you should evaluate different areas of life to find out where you are successful and what needs to be corrected.

1. Shopping

The Pareto principle states that most of the purchases made will be used extremely rarely or not useful at all. They will simply litter the space. Everyone has such things in the house. Therefore, it may be worthwhile to get rid of unnecessary rubbish and henceforth to approach shopping more thoroughly and carefully. By the way, this is a great way to manage your finances.

2. Relationships

A large social circle, on the one hand, seems to be a positive phenomenon, which speaks of the openness and sociability of a person. On the other hand, we are stably and constantly in contact only with 20% of the total number of people in our lives. The rest are almost strangers. So, is it worth spending time on maintaining such useless social connections? Or is it better to concentrate on the quality of communication, and not on its quantity? Doing that, you can create a close circle of friends and buddies, who will be more stable and reliable, and it is important for life satisfaction.

3. Information

Interesting books, movies, videos, and other information are often stored on virtual storage for allegedly future viewing. But this future, as a rule, never comes. And a part of the information is completely useless, and we consume it only because of boredom. It’s a familiar situation, is not it? Well, perhaps it is worth unloading both the brain and the computer. Free up space and streamline 20% of useful information that will work for you in the present and future.

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